Wed, April 3, 2013

Casa Estudio-HXMX // BGP Arquitectura


The project involves renovation and expansion of a house ranked as heritage and located in the Roma Norte in Mexico City. The intervention into the original house refreshed the front while keeping the original look of the facade and included re-structuring the rest of the building as it was damaged over the years.

‘Mictlan’ AW’2013 Fashion Collection // Lea Adelsten


The signature of Lea Adelsten is colourful as she seeks to explore foreign cultures and myths and mix them with Western clothing traditions. This collection takes inspiration from the underworld of the ancient Aztecs, Mictlan, which was the final destination of the Aztecs, who died of natural causes and not as warriors.

Sun, March 31, 2013

House Refurbishment in Nou Barris, Barcelona / ARCHITECTURE-G


The project comes from a young couple with two small children, so the house should match the changing needs of the family throughout their life. The project focuses on making the entire floor of the property with logical flow between the areas.

Spainalight Exhibition Interior, Tokyo // Stone Designs


Stone Designs have designed and commissioned the Spainalight exhitibion at Tokyo Designer’s Week 2011, held at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo. An exhibition showing the best of Spanish design from the past few years. Spainalight originates from an environment in which light acts as the protagonist, and how it forges the character of Spanish design. An entirely new concept, an exhibition space where large areas of light are mixed, giving life to this collection. A space that praises Spanish designer’s diversity and in turn, increases their value. An exhibition where the visitor’s interaction will take on new meaning, and who in turn, become the true main characters of this event, allowing you to enjoy and perceive with all your senses, the quality and passion that the Spanish stamp on their products.

SS’2013 Fashion Collection // ACHTLAND


ACHTLAND’s SS’2013 collection takes its inspiration from the iconic oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle and her ‘Aqua-Babes’, a team of female researchers with whom she explored life underwater in a submarine work station to mirror the life of astronauts. The collection mixes strong sculptural silhouettes in jackets, with fitted shapes shown on evening and cocktail dresses. Other influences are drawn from Victorian shell bouquets, which have been translated into a luxuriously hand-crafted Macrame.

Thu, March 28, 2013

Auckland City House // Architex


This inner city home is designed for a single client as a retreat from a busy professional life. The 400 m2 site was purchased with an approved Resource Consent for a family home – and so a revised brief was developed to fit into the approved envelope. The site is developed to its maximum both visually and physically, with a play on transparency and the flow of spaces from in to out. A variety of outdoor rooms complement the bold pavilion forms. They are linked by a circulation gallery – which also creates an axial focus for the full length of the site on entry.

Robinson Casa // Pal Pang / Another Design


This apartment is over 200 meter-square located in the buzzling city – Hong Kong. Pang as a local citizen in Hong Kong yet with global visions and exposures he has developed an unique design concept mixing the best elements from the east and west for this project. Pang truly understands the lifestyle of today’s generation living in the hustle bustle city. By eliminating most of the walls and doors, Pang thoughtfully divided the space into private and public sections to facilitate different events and functions to maximize the flexibility of the living space hence the owner of the apartment can enjoy and extend his social life networks into his private space.

Hotel Moure // Abalo Alonso Arquitectos


At the beginning the building was still working as a student’s guesthouse accommodating the owners’ dwelling on the first floor. Two main interventions have been performed on the ground floor. Firstly, entry to the building has been reduced favoring access, and both ramp and steps have been refitted to create the waiting area without resorting to the standard check-in desk. The rear part of the building has been pierced by a patio, which polarizes, illuminates, ventilates and shapes the limits in between rooms. Auxiliary services are contained in four wood boxes.

Wed, March 27, 2013

‘Kryptonee’ SS’2013 Fashion Collection // Mariana Morgado


Mariana Morgado currently lives and works in Porto. In the year of 2008, finished her degree in Visual Arts in Setubal, applying then to Fashion and Textile Design program in Castelo Branco (PT). In that same year attended the course of “Initiation to Fashion Design” at CITEX, school in which she graduated in Fashion Design in the year of 2011, degree that she complemented with an internship at Katty Xiomara’s Studio.

De los Austrias Chemist // Stone Designs


The Farmacia de los Austrias (De los Austrias Chemist) is placed in one of the most emblematic areas of historical Madrid. The initial idea was to create a new space typology, in which tradition and vanguard merge in such a subtle way that originate a slow and deliberate dialogue in which no element stands out of the rest, creating an almost musical harmony.

Insider Studios in Zaragoza / elii


The project is constituted by two complete houses, joined by a common area. It also allows to eliminate the division between the two studios and connect them as a single, conventional house. In order to gain the largest amount of space for the houses and minimize the execution costs, the activity is centred on the central area where the kitchens, bathrooms, storage, access and distribution elements are found. In this way, the main space of each house is freed and the area of intervention is reduced. A laundry area common to both houses is also placed in the common area.

Tue, March 26, 2013

Dis/sect 2013 Fashion Collection // Minette Shuen


Dis/sect reveals the inner beauty and complexity of the human anatomy- peeling back layers of the skin and examining the structures that lie beneath. By exploring the materiality of bonded foams and knits through experimental slitting, moulding and flaying techniques, Dis/sect presents the female form in various modes of anatomical undress.

Minimalist House T // Tsukano Architect Office


This scheme has been planned for the downtown in Miyazaki, located in Southern Japan. The road in front is so busy and noisy, and there are tall buildings for residence at the south. Considering all these factors, Tsukano Architect Office came up with a brilliant idea to harmonize with the circumstances having a piece of white plate wrap the whole home space. With the white plate, the house can get separated from outer crowdedness, while sun light is allowed to come into the courtyard, which makes inner space warm and brighter.

MaxiBread // Stone Designs


Maxibread is a bakery with a café area and its concept arises from the merge between Russian and Western European culture. This fusion is what is called the new style of Russian design. The main idea was to emphasize the values of quality and warmth, so the architects managed to create a cosy place using decorative elements inspired by the Russian tradition and combined with ambient lighting which is a key factor to enhance and create small spaces.

Hotel ME // Foster and Partners


The ME Hotel – the first flagship hotel in which everything, from the shell of the building to the bathroom fittings has been designed by Foster + Partners – has opened in London. An elegant fusion of interior and exterior design, the scheme completes the grand sweep of buildings that make up the Aldwych Crescent, repairing the urban grain and restoring a little lost glamour to the heart of the West End.

‘Frozen Trees’ Installation // Like Architects


‘Frozen Trees’ was a temporary light display in D. Pedro IV Square in Lisbon. This installation creates an illuminated, frozen and fractal Christmas landscape that affects and alters the paths of pedestrians. Thirty cylindrical structures activate the square and serve as self-sufficient streetlights. These structures, which are placed throughout the square, create a new contextual landscape inviting visitors to discover new spatial experiences.

Mon, March 25, 2013

Duplex Villa In Shanghai // TBDC


The duplex villa is located in Pudong, Shanghai, China; it is a residence built for three generations under one roof.
The height of each floor is restricted; hence the in-ceiling equipment is designed in areas outside the main area in order to optimize the spatial height. At the same time, the ceiling construction is reduced to minimize visual clutter. Ambient lighting is independent from functional lighting; it is presented through multichannel light controllers on the ceiling, wall surface and floor to create a soft visual aesthetic. Sensor operated functional lighting is installed in accordance with living functions for greater convenience.

Sun, March 24, 2013

‘Fragile Fetus’ Fashion Collection // Tanne Vinter


Designer’s expression originates and transforms in a melancholy avant-garde universe. Tanne Vinter evolves clothes based on a conceptual and sculptural approach to the process through experiments with forms and layers to create unconventional silhouettes.

Fri, March 22, 2013

Surreal Sculptures // Ivan Prieto


Ivan Prieto is a young Spanish artist, whose sculptures present the extremes of human, hideous ugliness we avoid constantly, ugliness that is good only for laughter. It feels like Prieto’s characters hide secrets that we are not able to perceive.

Norwich Drive Residence // Clive Wilkinson Architects


Clive Wilkinson acquired the site adjacent to colorful Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood and constructed a new house for his own use. The design needed to express the transition from commercial strip to small scale residential neighborhood, so the scale and detail respond to both conditions. Construction is simple cubic stucco forms, with exposed wood structure, and softened with landscaping.

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